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Using Telemetry Overlay to manually integrate speed and acceleration data onto video

Overlay your Protern.io speed data onto video for deeper analysis with video that doesn't include an embedded time code.

Here will show you how to use the program Telemetry Overlay to manually embed speed and acceleration data onto your video.

Tip: Use Protern Clock LTC Generator iOS app, Dish device or a GoPro to record videos with Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) embedded in the video for automatic and extremely accurate syncing of video and data. Learn more about automatic linking of video and Protern data.

Before you start, you will need the following:


This article will cover the following steps:  

  1. Loading the video
  2. Loading Protern.io run data
  3. Use the Protern.io gauges to visualize your data
  4. Syncing Protern.io data with the video
  5. Exporting the video

Loading the video into Telemetry Overlay

  1. Open the Telemetry Overlay program
  2. Select your video
  3. Telemetry Overlay will then optimize the video file to make the video preview faster within the program
  4. Unless your video includes GPS data (i.e. GoPro), Telemetry Overlay will say that no telemetry data was found. You can ignore this step as you will be loading Protern.io telemetry data.

Tip: It is possible to skip the video optimization to save time, however it is possible that some video formats won't show up in the preview. We suggest experimenting with your video files.

Loading Protern.io run data into Telemetry Overlay

  1. Select the Telemetry section

  2. Click the Load telemetry file(s) button, and select your Protern.io run data that you downloaded (Learn more about how to download Protern.io run data)
  3. Telemetry Overlay will automatically process the Protern.io file

Use the Protern.io gauges to visualize your data

Telemetry Overlay has a large number of gauges to visualize your data. By default it will load a pattern of gauges depending on the sport you chose when first opening the program.

Protern.io has made some alpine specific patterns that provide a clean interface with the data most relevant. 

  1. Select the Gauges section
  2. Click on Patterns in the bottom left and Load Pattern
  3. Keep Delete existing gauges and Update project style turned on
  4. Load the pattern you want to use with your data (you can download the Protern.io patterns on our Downloads page)

Note: You can customize your gauges and make your own pattern. Telemetry Overlay has a number of YouTube tutorials on the process in the program's help section.

Syncing Protern.io data with the video

Caution: In order to synchronize your data with your video, you will need to make sure the start of your quantriq is a place you can see in the video. Read the support article to learn more about how to setup your quantriq for video integration.

  1. Select the Gauges section

  2. Move the video forward until the athlete reaches the point where the quantriq data starts. (In this example, the quantriq starts at the first blue gate.)
  3. Select Sync Telemetry option and scroll down and click the Starts now button

  4. Your data is now synchronized with the video

Exporting the video

  1. Select the Export section
  2. Adjust the Video Quality and Render Speed slider to your preferences
  3. Select the location for the exported video
  4. Click the Export button