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Tips for filming and setting up your quantriq for enhanced video analysis

Syncing your video with Protern.io data is easy, but it does require some preparation.

Here are some simple steps to ensure you get the video and quantriq data you need to accurately sync the two.

  1. Define a landmark for the start or finish of the quantriq
  2. Use a GPS watch or Protern.io Sensor to mark the landmark
  3. Ensure the camera can clearly see the athlete passing the landmark
  4. Set your quantriq's first or last split at the landmark

Step 1: Define a landmark

Pick a distinct landmark that you can use for the start or finish of the quantriq. 

Caution: The landmark can not be in the middle of the quantriq as most video analysis tools are designed to sync data files from the start or finish of the dataset.

You should be able to pick out easily in the video when the athlete passes the landmark.

Examples of good landmarks for different sports:

  • Ski gate - Closer the skier gets to the gate the better
  • Rock on a mountain bike trail - Ideally the athlete passes over the rock
  • Buoy - The boat passing between two buoys is ideal

Examples of bad landmarks:

  • Start wand - This will be too close to the start for accurate results
  • Start of a hill or flat - It is hard to define exactly when the athlete passes the point
  • Turn - Different athletes will initiate the turn at different points making it difficult to define the exact sync point

Using the moment the athlete moves as a sync point

It is possible to use the moment the athlete starts moving as the sync point between the video and the quantriq data.

If the athlete is wearing a Protern.io Sensor, make sure to note when that part of their body begins to move.

For example in alpine skiing, the start will be when their upper body moves, not when they trip the start wand with their legs.

Step 2: Use a GPS to mark the landmark

This step will make it easy for you to find the landmark when building your quantriq and setting splits.

To do this, use a GPS sensor (GPS watch or a Protern.io Sensor) to make a distinct path at the landmark.

For example in alpine skiing, you can ski sideways on the course:

Step 3: Ensure the camera can clearly see the athlete passing the landmark

This landmark will be what you will use to know the exact point where the data matches the athlete, so you need to be able to see it in the video.

Warning: If the camera can't see the athlete passing the landmark, you will not be able to sync the Protern.io data with the video.

Step 4: Set your quantriq's first or last split at your landmark

Depending on where you decided to set your landmark, at the start or the finish, ensure the Protern.io split lines up with the GPS marking from step 3.

This is what the path will look like in the example of an alpine skier skiing sideways at a landmark:


Caution: If your landmark is at the start of the course, you will need build your quantriq using a moving start.


These steps will ensure you have good video and Protern.io data for easy syncing.