How to assign pre-purchased accounts to athletes

Here we will show you how to assign the accounts you purchased for your athletes during the sign up or as part of a Starter Pack deal.

Note: You can not do this process within the iOS app. Using your phone's web browser or computer, go to to access your billing settings.

When signing up for it is possible to purchase more than one account. These pre-purchased accounts need to be associated with an athlete name in order to collect data.



Note: If possible, use your athlete's names and avoid generic accounts (e.g. "Athlete 1"). Generic accounts are confusing to track and makes Protern less useful over time. 

Tip: Entering an email for a new user will invite them to and let them use the mobile and web app, see their times and upload run data from their sensor.

  1. Go to Settings and the Subscriptions tab
  2. If you have pre-purchased accounts, you will see the number of accounts under Managed User Accounts
     Accounts for assignment
  3. Click the Add/Assign Monthly Accounts button
  4. Enter the athletes first and last name.
  5. Adding their email is optional and will give the athlete access to their data.
  6. Click Add User and repeat for additional accounts
  7. When you have assigned all your accounts, click Next and Confirm.