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The Optimal Alpine Skiing Training Session

Four keys to designing a training session like a controlled experiment to get the most valid data using Protern.

Workflow - Level 1

  1. Record the control lap 

    The control lap involves the athlete skiing the course to the best of their ability but without a specific technical or tactical focus.

    Why is this important?

    It gives you a baseline performance measurement that you can use as a comparison to the laps where the Athlete has made a change.

  2. Choose what you want to measure

    The measurement is a combination of a metric and an environment.  The metric could be a variable like time, speed, or distance traveled.  The environment could be a specific section of a course, terrain feature, or sequence of gates.

    For Example

    “Today's session is about increasing the speed (metric) on the flats (environment).  

  3. Give the Athlete feedback on what to change

    Sometimes this change is referred to as an intervention.  An intervention is usually technical, tactical, or gear related.  


    Test just one intervention at a time.  
  4. Let the Athlete try it at least three times

    Repetition will help ensure the data shows the true relationship between the change and what you want to measure rather than interference from another variable like the Athlete not understanding. 


Comming Soon... A Protern Academy article on how to interpret the data.