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How to download Protern.io run CSV data for video integration

With Protern.io you can download individual run data in CSV format that can be imported into a video analysis tool such as Dartfish.

Protern.io lets you download data for any specific run from a quantriq as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. This open-standard file can be used to import into any sophisticated video analysis tool, such as Dartfish, or other data analysis tools.

The CSV file includes the following:

  • Elapsed time from the start of the quantriq in seconds
  • Latitude and Longitude in degrees
  • Distance traveled in meters
  • Elevation in meters
  • Speed in km/h

Steps to download speed, time and elevation data for a specific run in Protern.io

  1. Go to the quantriq with the run data you are looking for, or make a new quantriq.
  2. Find the run(s) you want and click the three dots at the end of the row.
  3. A window will open with all the run details.
  4. Click the Download Section Data buttonDownloadSectionData


Now you can use the program of your choice to import the Protern.io run data