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How to get the most accurate data from the Protern.io Sensor

The more satellites the Protern.io Sensor can see, the more accurate the timing data. Follow these tips to ensure you get the best alpine skiing data.

The Protern.io Sensor can connect to 72 GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) satellites at one time from four different constellations: GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, and GLONASS. 

Sensor should be in the Protern.io Gilet

The Protern.io Sensor should ideally be placed in the Protern.io Gilet. This ensure the sensor is near the top of the spine which gives it the optimal view of the satellites. 

Protern.io Sensor should not be loose

The Protern.io Sensor should be tight against the body. A loose Protern.io Gilet will introduce extra movement and the sensors' built in error correction will not work correctly. 

Protern.io Sensor should be on for 5 minutes before collecting important data

The Protern.io Sensor is constantly listening for satellites. The sensor will flash its green LED quickly when it has found the minimum number of satellites. It is best to have the sensor on and outside for at least 5 minutes before collecting a timed run so that it can connect to as many satellites as possible.

Tip: Turning on a sensor at the bottom of the hill and riding the chairlift with the sensor on will provide sufficient time to connect to the satellites. An enclosed funicular or aerial tram, may restrict the sensor's ability to find satellites. 

Protern.io logo on the sensor should face out in the gilet

The antenna for the Protern.io Sensor is under the Protern.io logo. Placing the sensor with the logo against the back will result in poor data. Ensure the logo is facing out.

Ensure the Protern.io Sensor is charged enough for the training day 

A Protern.io Sensor can last 6 hours on one charge. If the sensor's battery dies in the middle of the data collection, it is possible that the data becomes corrupt and not usable. We recommend charging the sensors fully before using them.

Place the Protern.io Sensor on top of jackets (under a race suit is ok) 

The GNSS satellites are 20,000 km away and the Protern.io Sensor's antenna is about 2x2 cm. The less material between the sensor and the sky, the better the data. Some jackets have foil or other materials that can impact the signal quality.