Runs are not appearing in a quantriq after syncing the Sensor to Protern Sync mobile app

If you can't see any runs after syncing your Sensors, it could be that your app has logged out or the quantriq isn't finding any runs.

This article is if you don't see your run data appear in your quantriq after doing a successful sync between the Sensor and Protern Sync mobile app.

Check if the app is sending data to

  1. Click the options button in the right hand corner of the Session Configuration     or Active Session screen

  2. Select Upload Status

  3. The first line of the Upload Status page will indicate if the uploads to are complete or incomplete.
    Uploads are complete
    The first line will say "Nothing outstanding to upload"

    Uploads are incomplete
    The first line will say "Uploading now."


Uploads are complete

When the app says   "Nothing outstanding to upload" then the data has been successfully sent to the server. If the runs are still not appearing in a quantriq, try the following:


Uploads are incomplete

When the app says "Uploading now" the data from the sensors are not being sent to

  •     Check to make sure your internet connection on the phone is working  
  •     Press the Sync Now link in the option menu

  •     Close and reopen the app (to close the app: swipe up in Android's Recent Apps screen)  
  •     Stop session and sign out and sign back in again


  If none of those options work, please email