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Speed metrics - how to get the most out of them

The speed metrics are some of the most used metrics in the quantriq table as they can provide objective feedback on tactics.

Analysis - Level 5


Here is an example of using the Instant Speed and Speed Loss/Gain metric when analyzing a flush in Slalom.

Instant Speed

Instant speed is Protern.io's most used metric. It provides the speed at the point the skier crosses the split.

The most common use for the metric is to determine the entry and exit speed into a sector. This could be a flush, flat section, ski cross feature, etc.

Example uses:

  • Flat section - the athlete will aim for a high entry speed and try to keep as much of their speed until the exit. 
  • Ski cross feature - the athlete may see if they can generate speed through the rollers by trying different pumping techniques
  • Flush - can the athlete push a higher entry speed and still ski the section cleanly.

Speed Loss/Gain

Speed Loss/Gain is the difference in speed between the current instant speed and the last instant speed. This metric provides the shortcut math to see if the skier was able to gain or lose speed through a section.

Example uses:

  • Did the skier gain more speed in run 1 versus 2, when they tried a different tactic?
  • Does Athlete A carry their speed better (i.e. low Speed Loss) through the flats than Athlete B?

This metric works well with the Instant Speed metric.

Max Speed 

The maximum speed in a sector is most useful in speed events and ski testing.

Example uses:

  • Does the athlete take a line that produces a higher speed?
  • Does the high max speed result in more speed into the next section?

For ski testing, the metric can be used to determine the top speed of a ski (overall max speed) and how fast ski accelerates (max speed for early splits).

Average Speed

Use the average speed metric to see if the athlete is maintaining a higher speed through the entire section. The metric can also be used to determine if the athletes are training at the same speed they're racing at. 

For speed events, consider pairing the Average Speed metric with Distance to see if the athlete is able to maintain a high speed over a shorter distance.