Troubleshooting Updating Sensors

Here are some things to try if you are running into some issues updating your Sensors.

Sensor's red light stays on

If the sensor's LED stays red, just wait 2 or 3 minutes and it will turn off. You can try updating the sensor again.

Sensor update fails

Note: The Mac Sensor Updater requires macOS 11 (Big Sur) to successfully update the sensors.

If the update fails, try unplugging the sensor and replugging it in to the computer. It could be the USB cable connection is loose.

If the update continues to fail, please contact us at

Sensor sometimes turns on after the update

A sensor turning on after an update is perfectly normal.

The sensor doesn't show up when I plug it in

First, ensure the sensor's battery has been charged for an hour. If the Sensor Updater doesn't see the sensor when you plug it in, try another USB cable and/or USB port on your computer. 

If the update still can't see the sensor, please contact us at