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Protern Clock iOS App or Dish - Which LTC Generator to Choose

An LTC, Linear Timecode, is required if you want to quickly and accurately sync your sport data with video. There are two options to generate the LTC Timecode: Protern Clock and Dish. Here we go into the pros and cons for each.

If your camera has a microphone port, then you can include an LTC timecode. There are two options available to generate extremely accurate LTC timecodes that can be synced with GPS timecoded data: Protern Clock iOS app and Dish.

What is LTC?

LTC, or Linear Timecode, is an audio timecode that certain software can decode to understand exactly when each frame of the video was recorded. It was developed over 40 years ago for the Film and Television industry. In order to link video with GPS timecoded data (i.e. Protern data), the LTC needs to record Universal Coordinated Time and date (UTC). 

We have outlined the differences between the options, and go into more detail further down this article.

  1. Comparing Protern Clock and Dish
  2. Protern Clock - Pros and Cons
  3. Dish - Pros and Cons

GoPro, DJI and Insta360 users: If your action camera has a GPS built in, you won't need a microphone port or LTC Generator. Telemetry Overlay can automatically read the GPS timecode from many action cameras.

Comparing Protern Clock iOS App and Dish


Protern Clock iOS app


Price: App Store, $9.99  Protern Store, $429.99
Description:  iPhone or iPad App Dedicated hardware attached to the video camera
Availability: Immediate download  Shipping, 1-2 weeks
Best For: Small teams; occasional video Large teams; heavy video use
Additional Requirements:

3.5 mm audio cable; Lightning or USB-C adapter depending on iPhone or iPad model

2 AA batteries; Shoe attachment and 3.5mm audio cable are included
Use with existing camera:
Internet Connection Not Required:

(Uses the Internet to acquire time)


(Uses GPS to acquire time)

Record run commentary:
Instructions: How to use Protern Clock How to use Dish
  Pros and Cons for Protern Clock Pros and Cons for Dish


Protern Clock iOS App - Pros and Cons

Where to buy: App Store, $9.99

Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS app inserts an LTC timecode via the microphone input on your camera. You will need a 3.5mm audio cable, and possibly an adapter for your iPhone or iPad, to connect to your camera's microphone input. The app gets its time from highly accurate Internet connected time servers located around the world.
Protern Clock Promo - small
Pros Cons
  • Use your existing high-zoom camera

  • Cost-effective audio time code option

  • Easy to use with existing equipment

  • Raw video will include a loud fax machine type noise on the left audio channel 
  • Requires an Internet connection to establish an accurate time
  • Does not record commentary such as "Alice, Run 3"
  • Requires additional purchase of a 3.5 mm audio cable and adapter for Lightning or USB-C
Where to buy: Protern Store, $429
Dish is a device that inserts the LTC timecode via the microphone input of your camera. The timecode comes from a GPS sensor built into the device. The Dish can be mounted on the hot shoe attachment of your camera. Having a dedicated piece of hardware to generate the LTC timecode is helpful for large teams, or those who are regularly doing enhanced video analysis.

Dish on Sony Outside
Pros Cons
  • Use your existing high-zoom camera

  • Easy to use - just turn on the Dish and forget about it

  • Dish comes with the audio cable and shoe mount
  • Dish includes a microphone to record commentary such as "Alice, Run 3"

  • Does not require a mobile internet connection
  • Cost
  • Raw video will include a loud fax machine type noise on the left audio channel 

Click here to learn how to use Dish