How to manage athlete account renewals

Using a web browser, login into and select Settings->Subscriptions and for each athlete click the option button to set their renewal status

Note: These settings are only available through the browser (phone, computer or tablet) at, not in the Protern Sync Mobile App.

Note: You will need to have an active credit card linked to your account in order to renew the user accounts. 

If you pay for more than one Protern account, you can manage the subscriptions under the Settings->Subscriptions section of the web app.

  1. Go to the Manage User Accounts section of the Settings->Subscriptions page

  2. To turn off automatic renewal for an athlete, select the Option icon (three vertical dot icon) and select Auto Renew Off

  3. To renew an expired athlete, select the option icon and select Renew Subscription. 
    Here's a more detailed article on how to renew athlete subscriptions.


Need to manage your own account's renewal status? Here's how to manage your subscription.