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How do I renew my Protern.io account?

You can renew your account in the Settings section by purchasing a monthly or annual account

If you already had a Protern.io account and it expired, you will need to renew it before you can collect any data or make quantriqs.

Manage other accounts? You will need to renew the main coach account first before you renew or add new athletes.

Note: To purchase a new subscription, you must have a valid credit card entered into the system. Learn more: How to add, remove, and change a credit card

Renewing your account

  1. If your account has expired then as soon as you login to Protern.io you will be in the Subscriptions tab. Click on the Purchase Subscription button. 

    Click here if the Purchase Subscription button doesn't show up

  2. Select a Monthly or Annual subscription and click Confirm.


Your account is now active. If you manage other accounts, you will now be able to add new athletes or renew your existing athletes.

No Purchase Subscription button?

Your account may be set up as a corporate account. Please contact us at support@protern.io and we will help you get your account back up and running.