Using the Protern Sync iOS app

The Protern Sync app will let you upload data from a Sensor to the cloud for live timing and analysis. A single phone can sync one sensor, or an entire team's fleet of sensors.

In this article:


  1. An iPhone with iOS version 14.1 or newer
  2. Protern Sync App for iOS
  3. Cellular or wifi connection when trying to sync & upload your sensors
  4. Account
    • A coach account is required to sync multiple sensors to multiple athletes
    • An athlete account can sync a single sensor 
    • Sign up for an account here
  5. sensor with latest firmware version
    1. Learn how to update your sensors 

Overview Video

Getting started with using the Protern Sync iOS App

  1. Install the Protern Sync iOS App from the App Store
  2. Login to your coach or athlete account (You can sign up for an account here)
  3. Grant access for the App to access your bluetooth to be able to pair to your sensor

Connecting to a sensor

Tip: We highly recommend labeling a Sensor with the athlete's name to avoid mixing up any data. 

  1. To turn on a Sensor by clicking the power button once
  2. Click the Connect button when the sensor appears in the app
    1. The sensor's 6-character ID in the app will match the ID on your sensor

  3. Assign the sensor to an athlete
    1. Pick the athlete from your account that will be using that sensor. We highly recommend labeling the sensor with the athlete's name.
    2. Only one athlete can be connected to one sensor at a time
    3. If you need more accounts, you can add more athletes to your account in your settings

  4. Now you are ready to start collecting data

Selecting an activity:

  1. Once your sensors are connected, tap the activity drop downIMG_2760
  2. Select the activity that the athletes will be collecting on the sensors. For example Alpine Skiing - SuperG
  3. When the sensor data is synced and uploaded to the account the activity entry will say which activity the training was for.

Note:  The activity type can be updated later by going to the activity dashboard page on your account> tap the activity you wish to update > click the three dots > select Edit Session

Syncing one or multiple sensors

Syncing a single sensor:

  1. The sensor will appear in the app when it is within 3 meters (10 feet) of the phone 
  2. Tap the Sync icon to download data from the Sensor

Note: The longer between syncs, the longer the sync will take due to more data needing to be transferred. We recommend syncing as often as you can.


Tip: After starting a sync, you can go to other apps. The sync will continue in the background.

Syncing multiple sensors:

  1. The sensors will appear in the app when it is within 3 meters (10 feet) of the phone 
  2. To sync all the sensors currently connected, tap the Sync all button

  3. Sensors can still be sync individually by tapping the sensor's Sync icon

Warning: Only use Sync all if the sensors will stay in range of the phone (3 meters/10 feet) for the entire sync. The Sensor will turn off its data collection while syncing. If an athlete starts a run before the sync is complete, it is possible their run will not be recorded.

Note: The sensors will sync two sensors at a time and the others will be waiting in the queue to sync

Last sync of the day

  1. Clicking Sync and turn off will automatically turn off the sensor after it has successfully synchronized with the mobile phone

Seeing the recently synced data on

  1. The data will be uploaded automatically to the cloud immediately after a sync, or as soon as you have a connection to the mobile network or Wifi

  2. To view your activity, visit your account using a browser on any device

Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a sync error?

A syncing error will happen if the sensor looses its bluetooth connection while syncing. There is nothing to worry about as the data is not lost.

  1. Check to make sure the sensor is on
  2. Get within 3 meters/10 feet of the sensor. The closer you are the better.
  3. Click the sync to try again

What happens if you lose a network connection?

If there is not internet connection (i.e. wifi or mobile), you will get an uploading error. Don't worry, the data is still on the phone. 

  1. Check your wifi or cellular connection, make sure you have a strong connection
  2. Click try again

Note: It is still possible to sync your sensors while the phone has no Internet connection. When the phone connects to the Internet again, it will send all the data to for processing.

Does the phone always need to be within distance of your sensor?

The phone needs to be within 3 meters/10 feet of the sensor only when syncing. 

The Protern Sync app will show the sensor as offline when the athlete gets out of range of the mobile phone. Once the sensor is back in range, it will connect and be available for syncing. 

What if you want to change who the sensor is assigned to?

  1. Click the three dots to the right of the athlete's name.

  2. Unassign the athlete from the sensor
  3. Pair the sensor with a new athlete