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Getting started Protern.io in Alpine Skiing, Ski Cross and Para-Alpine Skiing

Learn how to setup your Protern.io account, collect data and make a quantriq to analyze your run data.

There are a number of ways to use Protern.io to train smarter and improve faster. This is a guide to get you started so you can get better faster! 

There are three main steps to get started:

  1. Setup your Protern.io account
    Set your password and, if you manage a team, add your athletes
  2. Collect ski data
    Protern.io Sensor basics and best way to get your data into Protern.io
  3. Getting your run data by making a Quantriq
    How you can see your run times, speed and line data in Protern.io

Let's get started!


1. Setup your Protern.io account

To setup your Protern.io account, you will need to do the following:

  1. Login into Protern.io
  2. Change your password (optional)
  3. For para-alpine athletes, set your classification
  4. For coaches who managed a team, assign athlete accounts 

Logging into your Protern.io account

Using your email and password, you can login to your Protern.io account at https://app.protern.io.  

If you forgot your password, click the Forgot Password link and you will get an email with a link that is valid for 24 hours to reset your password.

Change your password

If your password was set by Protern.io, then your first step when you login is to set your own password. Go to the Settings and click the Change password button.

Change Password

Setting para-alpine classifications

If you are a para-alpine athlete, you can set your para-alpine skiing classification under Settings and the Profile tab. Click the drop-down labeled Para-alpine skiing classification to select your classification. 

Depending on your classification and discipline (i.e. SuperG, GS, DH, Slalom), Protern.io will automatically calculate the factored time. The factors are set by World Para Alpine Skiing.


Assigning accounts

If you pre-purchased additional Protern.io accounts, you can assign them at any time to your athletes.


  1. Go to Settings and the Subscriptions tab
  2. If you have pre-purchased accounts, you will see the number of accounts under Managed User Accounts
     Accounts for assignment
  3. Click the Add/Assign Monthly Accounts button
  4. Enter the athletes first and last name. Adding their email is optional and will give the athlete access to their data.
  5. Click Add User and repeat for additional accounts
  6. When you have assigned all your accounts, click Next and Confirm.

Tip: Entering an email for a new user will invite them to Protern.io and let them see their own data so they can improve faster.

2. Collecting data with Protern.io

Protern.io has developed a high-accuracy, high-speed GPS sensor specifically for the requirements of alpine skiing. The Protern.io Sensor is a 35 gram sensor that sits in a specially designed Protern.io Gilet.

You can buy Protern.io Sensors or Gilets at the Protern.io Store.

Charging the sensor

Allow for 1-2 hours to fully charge the Protern.io Sensor. A fully charged sensor can collect data for up to 6 hours.

Turning on and off the sensor

Turn on: Press the sensor's power button once to turn on the sensor.

Turn off: Press the sensor's power button three times in quick succession to turn off the sensor.

Skiing with the sensor

To get the most accurate data with the Protern.io Sensor we suggest the following:

  1. Ensure the sensor is on and outside for at least 5 minutes before doing a timed run (the LED will flash green quickly when it has established satellite lock).
  2. The Protern.io Sensor should be placed securely in the Protern.io Gilet. The gilet should be worn on the outside of any jackets.

Tip: For more about how to get the most accurate sensor data, as well as other tips, see the Protern.io Sensor section on our support site. 

Syncing the Protern.io Sensor with Protern.io

To get the data from the Protern.io Sensor into Protern.io for analysis, you need to sync the sensor to the website or the mobile app. There are two way to do this: USB upload, or using the Protern Sync mobile app.

USB Upload

Uploading the Protern.io data via USB requires Google Chrome on a PC or Mac, as well as a USB-C cable.

USB Upload is best for:

  • New Protern.io users or time-pressed coaches
  • Cold or wet days where using a phone or tablet is not ideal
  • Collecting race data

Learn more: USB Upload support article 


Protern Sync Mobile app

The Protern Sync Mobile app (Android, iPhone/iPad) is designed to connect with one or more Protern.io Sensors. 

Protern Sync Mobile App is best for:

  • Experienced users of Protern.io
  • Getting run results immediately to make changes by the next run
  • Coaches or teams syncing large number of sensors at once
  •  Athletes monitoring their own data

Protern Sync for Android Overview


Protern Sync for iOS Overview

Learn more: Protern Sync Mobile App support section

3. Getting your run data by using Quantriqs

Quantriqs are the heart of Protern.io.

Quantriqs are comparable segments of your performance data. For alpine skiing a quantriq will likely consist of the timed run. However it is possible to make a quantriq that looks at only a specific section of a run, such as the start.

The power of the quantriq is that you can compare multiple runs by multiple athletes quickly and easily.

Ways to use quantriqs in alpine skiing:

  • Time a run from start to finish
  • Identify the best line in a specific section of a downhill course by using speed
  • Evaluate the acceleration/deceleration of different skis
  • Experiment with different start techniques for flat or steep courses
  • Measure an athlete's ability to keep their speed through a flush in slalom

Learn more: How to make quantriqs


Browse through the Protern.io Support site or email us at support@protern.io if you have any questions.

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