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How to automatically sync Protern's alpine skiing data to video

All you need is your Protern data, UTC time coded video and video software to sync the data and video.

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) time coded video is the key requirement to automatically linking Protern data to video. Video, with an accurate UTC time code, allows the video software to automatically and accurately sync Protern data to within 0.05s. 
To automatically sync your video with Protern data you will need the following:
  1. Protern data 
  2. UTC time coded video 
  3. Video software to sync Protern data with video

Protern Data

After you've uploaded your Protern data, you will need to download the full session data that you want to link with your video. You can get in two places:
  1. Activity page
    Select the individual session and in the top right option menu, click Download CSV
  2. Quantriq page
    Make a quantriq with the athletes you want and in the quantriq page go to the top right option menu and click Download Sessions. 

    Note that if you have a lot of sessions, it may take a while to download.

UTC time coded video

In order to accurately sync video with Protern data, we need to know, within 0.05s, when the video was recorded. There are three ways currently to do this:


Since Hero 5, GoPros can include UTC time codes. Ensure your GoPro is set to record GPS data and that it was on  long enough to capture a GPS signal (GoPro's support explains this).
Pros Cons
  • Great for follow cams
  • Simple to use
  • Not great as a static camera
  • UTC time code on older cameras can sometimes be off by a second

Video camera with external Dish device

Dish is a device that inserts an audio UTC time code via the microphone input of your camera. The time code is super accurate and comes from a GPS sensor built into the device. It can be mounted on the hot shoe attachment of your camera.

Dish on Sony Outside
Pros Cons
  • Use your existing high-zoom camera

  • Easy to use - just turn on the Dish and forget about it

  • Dish includes a microphone to record commentary such as "Alice, Run 3"

  • Does not require a mobile internet connection
  • Camera requires a microphone input
  • Raw video will include a loud fax machine type noise on the left audio channel 

Video camera with Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS app

Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS app does the same thing as the Dish device by inserting a super accurate audio time code via the microphone input on your camera. You will need an audio cable, and possibly an adapter for your phone, to connect to your camera's microphone input. The app gets its time from highly accurate time servers located around the world.

Caution: Use an 3.5mm audio cable for the most accurate time code. It is possible to use a Bluetooth 3.5mm adapter with the Protern Clock: LTC Generator iOS app, however the time code can be delayed between 0.3-0.6s. This can be corrected when syncing the video, however it is an extra step.

Pros Cons
  • Use your existing high-zoom camera

  • Cost-effective audio time code option

  • Easy to use with existing equipment

  • Camera requires a microphone input
  • Raw video will include a loud fax machine type noise on the left audio channel 
  • Requires an Internet connection to establish an accurate time
  • Does not record commentary such as "Alice, Run 3"

Video Software

In order to link the Protern data with video you will need some video software. The software will read the video time code and find then applicable section of Protern data for that time period. There are lots of options for displaying the Protern data that you can experiment with within the software.

Telemetry Overlay (free trial; $149) 

Telemetry Overlay sole purpose is linking data with video. Designed initially for extracting GoPro telemetry data (i.e. speed, acceleration, etc), it now supports Protern data as well as many other formats. The program is simple to use, cost-effective and lets you apply a number of different visualizations.
Pros Cons
  • Mac, Windows, Linux versions

  • Includes Protern alpine skiing visualizations, including advanced turn analysis
  • Easy-to-use and well supported 
  • Supports many other camera and data formats 
  • Video rendering can be slow on some computers
  • No deeper video analysis options (i.e. angles, playback, sharing, etc)

Dartfish Pro S (Free trial; $165/month)

Dartfish is considered the world's best video analysis software for sport. It's used by more national and professional sport organizations than any other tool. The software supports Protern alpine skiing data and lets you do a number of advanced analysis functions like superimposing one video over an other.
Pros Cons
  • Supports Protern alpine skiing visualizations
  • Lots of in-depth video analysis options

  • Simple sharing of videos via their online platform
  • Windows only
  • Higher learning curve
  • Does not support GoPro time code data currently
  • Cost - only the highest version supports video-data linking