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List of What Is Needed To Do Automatic Video Syncing for Enhanced Video Analysis

Take advantage of automatic and highly precise syncing of video to Protern data with these four items.

In order to automatically link your video to Protern data, you will need the following four things:

  1. Protern
  2. Video camera with a microphone port
  3. LTC Generator (Protern Clock iOS App or Dish device) 
  4. Telemetry Overlay and Protern Patterns


GoPro, DJI and Insta360 users: If your action camera has a GPS built in, you won't need a microphone port or LTC Generator. Telemetry Overlay can automatically read the GPS timecode from many action cameras.

Item 1: Protern

Protern collects up to 5,000 data points per run. This includes time, speed and line. The app makes it easy to set splits anywhere on the course, giving you the option to see your speed and time coming terrain and course features.

All this information can be merged into video, making the video analysis look like World Cup live TV feed. 

Where to buy: Protern Store, starting at $399 for first year

Item 2: Video camera with a microphone port

A video camera is an obvious requirement, but the addition of the microphone port allows for the insertion of an audio timecode called LTC (Linear timecode). This timecode lets programs like Telemetry Overlay know exactly when the video was recorded, allowing it to line up the start of the video with the data very accurately. 

Where to buy: Anywhere you usually buy your cameras

Item 3: LTC Generator

LTC, or Linear Timecode, is a 40 year old audio timecode standard that is used widely by the film and television industry. Protern has worked with various industry partners to adapt the use of LTC to allow for linking GPS timecoded sensor data with video.

There are two LTC generator options for sport:

      Protern Clock iOS app Dish
    Description: iPhone and iPad compatible app that connects to the camera via a 3.5mm audio cable. Dedicated piece of hardware that can attach to the camera via its shoe attachment and plugs into the 3.5mm microphone input.
    Best for: Occasional video use; Testing out enhanced video analysis; Smaller teams with 1 or 2 coaches.   Heavy video use; Larger teams with multiple coaches; Those who want the simplicity of a dedicated device.
    Where to buy: App Store, $9.99  Protern Store, $429.99

    Lightening compatible 3.5mm audio cable, starting at $8.99; or,

    Standard 3.5mm audio cable, starting at $3.99

    2 AA batteries

    (Shoe attachment and 3.5mm cable is included with the Dish)

    Item 4a: Telemetry Overlay

    Telemetry Overlay is purpose built to merge sensor data onto video. Data is represented as gauges or text depending on the pre-defined pattern. 

    The software itself is available for Mac or PC and can decode the LTC signal to precisely and accurately line up the data with the video.

    Where to buy: Free trial; $149 at Telemetry Overlay

    How to use: How to automatically merge video and data with Telemetry Overlay

    Note for Dartfish Customers: While it is possible to use Dartfish Pro S to merge your data to video using LTC signals, many Dartfish customers will use Telemetry Overlay to merge their video, then import into Dartfish for analysis.

    Generally speaking, the process for merging data to video is quicker, easier and results in a nicer looking video when using Telemetry Overlay.

    Item 4b: Protern Telemetry Overlay Patterns

    The Protern Telemetry Overlay Patterns are different layouts to display your Protern data. It is possible to make your own pattern, but we have made a few different Protern patterns.

    You can get them for free on our downloads page.

    Where to download: Free, Protern Downloads

    How to use: Displaying different data using Protern's Telemetry Overlay Patterns